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Self-Improvement: Four Tips For Creating a More Positive Self-Image

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 5, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Self-ImprovementMany people are not entirely happy with their self-image. If you want to feel better about yourself, consider four of these self-improvement tips.

Listen to Yourself, Not the World

While you should not completely ignore other people's help, it is important to block out other people's negative opinions and criticism. You are never going to feel good about yourself if you are always seeking to please other people. Instead, focus on the person you want to be and seek to love yourself, weaknesses and all.

Create Clear Goals and Habits

Write down exactly what you want to achieve. Your goals should be precise and measurable. For example, instead of simply saying that you want to lose weight, write down a goal of losing fifteen pounds by the end of the summer. While your goals should be a stretch, it is also important that they are doable. If you create too difficult of goals, you will likely get discouraged if you do not reach your goal.

Another thing you will want to do is to establish habits that will help you to feel better about yourself. This may include something such as exercising for a specific amount of time each day or getting a manicure once a month.

Don’t Give Up

In Finding Nemo, Dory tells Nemo, “Just keep swimming.” This advice can apply to many situations in life. Sometimes, it is easy to get discouraged when things do not turn out the way you anticipated. When you fail, instead of seeing yourself as a failure, view it as an opportunity to do better next time.

Laugh at Yourself

It is important to not take yourself too seriously. Be willing to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes or when things do not go as planned. If you are willing to laugh at yourself and life, you more likely to be able to keep a positive attitude.

To learn more about this and related topics, visit the Self-Improvement section of our blog.

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