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Self-Improvement At Work: What Bad Workplace Habits Could You Fix?

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 19, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Manners, Workplace Habits, Self-ImprovementWe have all had those jobs that would have been perfect, if only it weren't for the people we had to work with. Even less than ideal jobs can be pleasant as long as your co-workers are fun to be around.  

So how can you be sure you aren't the co-worker that is making other people at work cringe? Take a look at your attitudes and behaviors at work and see if there is room for self-improvement. If you feel like your co-workers aren't treating you as well as you would like to be treated, it may be time for some self-reflection to see if you have any bad habits at work that might be frustrating them.

Halogen software posted an article "Bad Habits At Work You Don't Know You Have" written by Melany Gallant. In the article she says,

"You’re not obligated to like everyone; not everyone has to like you either. However, having good manners and a friendly disposition can go a long way. Just think about how significantly your day can change when someone smiles at you."

Here are a few simple bad habits you can easily break if you try.

  • Being late for appointments or meetings
  • Making a mess in shared space areas
  • Complaining often
  • Gossiping
  • Sharing too much of your personal life
  • Remaining aloof and not engaging socially at all
  • Not taking responsibility
  • Being hard to communicate with due to not answering emails or returning phone calls
  • Taking food that doesn't belong to you

So, keep your hands off other people's food, show up on time, clean up after yourself and keep your negative thoughts to yourself, and chances are people won't dread working with you.

If you need a few new amazing people to fill in temporary openings at your place of work, please contact us. Or if you're so tired of the office slob or gossip where you work, we will be happy to let you know what healthcare positions are available in your area.

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