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Robots May be The Future of Physical Therapy Assistance

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 27, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist, PT, Allied Health, Robot, Healthcare StaffingPhysical therapists work hard to help their patients recover from accidents, injuries and illnesses. A physical therapist sets goals to restore a patient's full range of motion, or the fullest range of motion possible, to improve a patient's overall quality of life.

Often the kinds of repetitive exercises that are required for a patient can be difficult for them to perform unassisted.

A physical therapist may find themselves supporting the weight of a patient as they assist them in their therapy, or physically guiding the patient through movements as they regain their strength

However, a new invention may mean a futuristic new approach to physical therapy. According to the Daily Texan article, "Mechanical Engineering Team Develops Physical Therapy Robot" by Selah Maya Zighelboim, a robot, named Harmony, created at the ReNu Robotics Lab has been specifically designed to assist physical therapists.

"The robot can be programmed to guide a patient’s arms or simply provide additional movement support at various degrees depending on the patient’s needs, according to BongSu Kim... The robot can also record data during use, which physical therapists can use to tailor treatment to an individual."

Harmony is not the first physical therapy robot to be created, and the hope is that the robots being created to assist with physical therapy will become more sophisticated and will be more affordable with time. Robots may be able to create a more precise motion and help patients avoid potential injury as they work hard with their physical therapists to recover.

If you are a physical therapist that would like to use cutting edge technologies to help treat your patients, please contact us to learn about new opportunities. If you have a medical practice and are looking for innovative therapists to join your team, we would be happy to find you ideal candidates.

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