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Revolutionary Device Aids in Stroke Rehabilitation

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Stroke, Physical TherapyA stroke can wreak havoc on a person's life and recovering from such a major health event can be a long and difficult road. The good news is that a revolutionary new device offers patients a fun, easy, and effective way to assist in healing after a stroke.

The Raphael Smart Glove

A company called Neofect presented the Raphael Smart Glove (RSG) at CES 2019. This rehabilitation device was designed to help those healing post-stroke with their hand movements. For many, fine motor skills and hand movements in general are one of the most frustrating parts of recovery. People use their hands constantly, after all.

The RSG synchronizes with a smart phone application that allows patients to play a multitude of fun rehab games. These games include virtual tennis matches, house painting, and much more. All games come in a variety of difficulties. 

Patients are also able to track their progress with data stored inside the app and see when they achieve different milestones. This is important, as it can help ease the frustration patients often have that they aren't making any progress. Even small milestones can make a huge difference in overall quality of life, and this application reflects that.


  • Tracks progress and milestones which are not only beneficial for healthcare workers but keep up patient morale
  • Fun and easy method of rehab for stroke victims
  • Perfect for individuals without easy access to rehab centers or hospitals
  • Improves quality of life post-stroke

How to Use

The RSG is very easy for patients to use. Patients slide the smart glove onto their hands and connect to the accompanying smartphone application. Patients can then choose the game they wish to play, and the application will track their data/recovery automatically.

Where to Purchase

The company did not disclose a price for their smart glove, but individual patients can purchase the device from their website. Clinics and other medical facilities that need stroke rehab equipment can also purchase the RSG.

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