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Productivity vs. Engagement

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, EngagementAll companies want their employees to be productive. Nowadays they also want the workers to be engaged. This means to actively enjoy your work and await with happiness the next day so you can continue it. Many of them think that higher engagement affects more productivity and inevitably higher profit margins.

But is this perception accurate?

  1. In this world, there live those who enjoy their professions, no matter the company. This is because they love their careers. That means these people could be engaged while working for any company. But, that doesn't mean they're productive. They could be lazy and lethargic and incompetent.

  2. Some others are highly productive, but may not find the company's culture suitable for them. They're productive but not engaged. Companies wish to find ways to engage these people because they appreciate profit margins. But, what do these employees really want? These workers may leave their employers at any time because of dissatisfaction, which would hurt the business.

  3. The inept are those who are neither engaged or productive. Companies don't find these employees useful at all.

  4. And finally, there is the productive and engaged person. He or she wants to advance in the company and increases its profit margins. They're coveted by companies and seen as the epitome of a good employee.

So, there are four types of employee. Trying to be engaged without a focus on productivity is as bad as the reverse happening. Without the two in equally high amounts, you may not achieve much. You want to enjoy your company as well as be productive so that you have job security at a job which brings you happiness.

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