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Premature Infant with Cerebral Palsy Thrives with Physical Therapy

Posted by Brian Spence on May 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Premature Baby, Cerebral Palsy, Healthcare, Physical TherapyBeing the parent of a child with special needs presents challenges. Helping your child negotiate the physical world is one of them. Luckily there are people ready to help, physical therapists. For those with physical and/or developmental challenges, Pediatric Physical Therapists are trained to give each child they meet the tools and strategies to meet the world with the greatest amount of independence possible.

One young man who has benefited from this assistance is Nate Gourdine, 13, who came into the world three months early weighing only a pound. Eight short weeks after that, his parents learned that Nate had diaplegic cerebral palsy, and were told that their little man would never be able to take a step, communicate verbally, or do things other children do. It's a devastating thing for parents to hear.

Our child will thrive

But Marcia and Nathan Gourdine didn't let that diagnosis write the script for their son's life. They believed that little Nate would be capable of great things. And they were right. Just last year, Nate proved the doctors wrong and he did walk. His mom and dad were ecstatic, "People wait for their kids to take their first steps, that's huge and Nate you are doing it,"

With the help of physical therapists at Charleston's Trident Medical Center, Nate has progressed far beyond the predictions of the doctors who saw a dim future for him. Nate has been going to the Pediatric Therapy Program since he was two. His positivity, determination and can do attitude are an inspiration. His strength and coordination are improving all the time. "He pushes himself," says his dad, "we follow his lead."

A lot to say

And talk! Nate can certainly talk. He loves to encourage others and lives his life with joy. Nate doesn't let anything hold him back. Cerebral palsy has affected the lower part of his body, but he will never let that hold him back. His smile lights up the room when he says, "I just think it's possible, anything is possible if you put your mind to it." And Nate is thriving.

If helping children is something that appeals to you, a career in Physical Therapy or other Allied Health positions may be a place where you can thrive. For information contact us.

And if you are interested in learning more about this and related topics, visit the Healthcare section of our blog.


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