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Physical Therapy for Male Pelvic Pain - Yes It's Real!

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Pelvis, Allied HealthWhen most people hear the phrase "pelvic pain", they associate it with women who have given birth, had a hysterectomy or bladder problems. Everyone knows that "Kegels" is a woman's exercise. But not so fast, world renowned Mayo Clinic touts the benefits of Kegel exercises for the male pelvic floor. Male pelvic floor? Yep, everyone has a pelvic floor. Pelvic floor integrity is essential to good core health for both sexes.

Men suffer from problems that can be improved with physical therapy for the pelvic floor. After effects of prostate surgery can cause urinary incontinence; inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis) produces chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and erectile dysfunction can all diminish a man's quality of life.

What's the fix?

Men have a tendency to "power through" pain, thinking that being stoic is a virtue and that whatever is bothering them will go away on its own. There's a news flash for the guys who believe ignoring a problem will solve it, often find the problem gets worse. Vanderbilt Urology sees male patients who have suffered for long periods, seen numerous physicians, and still find no relief from chronic pelvic discomfort. "They often get treated with antibiotics but don't improve. " Even with medication, physical therapy is a useful adjunct.

Seeing your doctor reach for a prescription pad is something most of us take for granted when we come to the office with a problem, but - increasingly - physicians are writing "scripts" for physical therapy. You don't always need a chemical to address a physical problem. Your body will mend better when you rely on your own effort and strength to hasten the healing process.

Male Pelvic floor rehab

Focusing on the neuromuscular structures of the pelvis, physical therapists can treat the above conditions and more. Modalities are determined following an evaluation. Treatment protocols are tailored to your complaints and needs. Strength training improves coordination and core stability. Exercises and stretches train your muscles to function at optimum levels. Other treatments could include massage, posture training and behavior modification, and manual therapy. The goal is to reduce or eliminate your pain and restore those series of muscles that make up your pelvic floor.

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