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Physical Therapy: A Cure for Infertility?

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 3, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Infertility, PT, Physical Therapy, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingWhen it comes to physical therapy, many people only see it as a treatment for sore muscles and body pains, especially after traumatic events such as sports injuries, long-term back problems, or accidents. But it's uses can be expanded even to the cure of infertility in women.

According to a recent Health Beat article on the news site WFMZ News, a Gainesville couple was one of many who found that their infertility problems were cured by sessions with a physical therapist at Clear Passage Therapies. Julie Ledbetter found that her fallopian tubes were blocked, and was left with the option of either in vitro fertilization or adoption. However, after treatment with Clear Passage Therapies, where Belinda Wern (the director of the center) massaged her fallopian tubes, Julie found her tubes clear, allowing her to become pregnant naturally 6 months after her doctor's infertility diagnosis.

According to their website, as many as 57 percent of women who sought treatment at Clear Passages for blocked fallopian tubes became pregnant, versus the 22 to 34 percent of women who turned to surgery to fix their infertility problem. Their treatment--an average of 20 hours of PT over 5 days--helps open up the fallopian tubes by massaging away (detaching) adhesions and scar tissues that could be causing the blocks in the tubes. Overall, pain decreases in women, and the treatment results in higher rates for pregnancy.

This goes to show the great benefits that come through physical therapy for various ailments.

Many have found that seeing a Physical Therapist as the first course of treatment, versus expensive and painful surgery, has yielded better results without dangerous risks. And for sensitive muscles and tubes, surgery cannot guarantee painless results or cures. Overall, PT is a great alternative to try before riskier procedures.

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