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Physical Therapists: The Sexiest Professionals?

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist, PT, PTA, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingAccording to New data released by Tinder, a woman with an occupation as a physical therapist is most likely to be "swiped-right" on than women who work as interior designers, teachers, entrepreneurs, or PR specialists. This makes physical therapists one of the sexiest professionals sought after on Tinder. What makes a physical therapist so sexy?

Here are 3 reasons why we think physical therapists match at high rates.

  1. They truly get physical. Does Olivia Newton-John's famous single, "Physical" pop into your head when you think of physical therapists? If yes, we understand why: physical therapists are typically an active bunch, inside and outside the workplace. At work, they are helping others with movement, both small and large. Once the work day is over, you can find some physical therapists working out. Many are also up for physical activities like running, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, and more, so there's a range of fun, active opportunities to explore as a first date.

  2. They're smart. Before you jump to conclusions about physical therapists being the jocks of the medical world, you should also remember their medical education. After receiving a bachelor's degree, your physical therapist would have typically undergone a 3-year program for a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, plus a clinical residency program after graduation. In their years of studying, they will cover classes and subjects on anatomy, neuroscience, pharmacology, biology, and more. They might also have a background in a specialty such as orthopedics, sports therapy, or geriatrics.

  3. They are compassionate. Physical therapists work day in and day out to help and care for others. They feel accomplished when their patients see progress or improvement. And they make great cheerleaders: a physical therapist sees value in the smallest accomplishments, which makes them optimistic about future progress. Therefore, a physical therapist can be a great, supportive partner.

Many related occupations staffed by Staffing Plus make the top 15 list as well, including speech-language pathologists, pharmacists, and nurses. Overall, we're not surprised to see these occupations as popular matches on Tinder: people in these fields have beauty, brains, and compassion, making them great potential partners.

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