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Physical Therapist Takes Marketing Tips From Mickey Mouse and Disney

Posted by Brian Spence on May 18, 2018 8:00:00 AM

DisneyLuke Gordon loves his job as a physical therapist, and he loves marketing the business his father started over thirty years ago. He joined his dad when he graduated from physical therapy school, and along with the clinical work, he has focused on building the business, modeling his approach after, of all things, Disney.

Disney is the hallmark of customer focused activity. They have worked hard to make their parks "the happiest place on earth". Luke doesn't pretend that coming to his practice is as fun as Disney World, but he does concentrate on giving each of his clients an outstanding "customer experience." A huge fan of the Disney brand and operations, he adapted his marketing strategies after the entertainment giant.

From his website to walking in the door, the potential client feels valued.

Personal and informative, Gordon stars in an informational video on the landing page of the business website, offering a download of FAQs designed to make you more comfortable. When someone calls to inquire about Gordon Physical Therapy, Luke instituted a new method for intake. They don't ask for your name and insurance information first; they ask about you. It's personal, it's genuine, it's caring. But it is still marketing.

"While the rest of the medical industry is speeding people along, trying to automate, we're slowing things down, developing personal relationships and doing everything we can to provide clients with an amazing experience.", Gordon says.

Physical therapy is not always a pleasant process. People are in pain, recovering from surgery, rehabbing after an injury, all things that engender some degree of physical discomfort. Making each person know that they are important is as essential as the skills employed to achieve the optimum outcome physically.

They take their time with each patient, listen, ask questions, respond with kindness and empathy. Gordon believes that building relationships with clients has paid dividends. Their case load has doubled and he anticipates opening another location if the growth continues.

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