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Physical Therapists Show Compassion for Pulse Survivors

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 14, 2016 8:01:00 AM

Physical Therapist, PT, PTA, Allied HealthThe attack on Pulse Night Club last June shocked and saddened our nation. The shooter killed forty-nine, wounded fifty-three and caused unspeakable pain for many hundreds of people who cared for those who were targeted. While this act may have shown the worst of humanity, it also brought out the best of humanity in those who rallied to help and support the survivors and the loved ones of the victims.

Those who were injured face myriad problems: emotional, financial, social, and physical. Physical therapists in Orlando are committed to helping patients who were shot at Pulse.

Patience Carter was shot in both legs and couldn't walk for weeks. "Each day is a struggle.", she says. Carter and other survivors have been helped by the physical therapists at Orlando Health where Dr. Rachel Gonzalez is the director. “This was the most most orrific event I’ve seen in six years", she says of the violence at Pulse.

The wounds caused organ and bowel impairment, shattered limbs and nerve damage. In physical rehab, victims are learning to use their bodies again. PTs are helping them regain control and function. Things everyone takes for granted are a huge struggle for gunshot victims. Getting dressed, using utensils, shaving or putting on makeup are challenges for those who have been injured. It's a long and often painful process.

The physical therapists at Orlando Health and Rehab are dedicated to helping the Pulse survivors regain as much of their strength, coordination and life skills as possible. Their bodies will heal in time, but their hearts will feel the effects forever.

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