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Physical Therapist Puts the PT in Pilates

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Pilates, Physical Therapy, HealthcareMindy Nagel went from being a professional dancer to the owner of College Hill Pilates and Physical Therapy LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio. You might question what Pilates has to do with physical therapy. Nagel, who has been a physical therapist for 13 years, would tell you "a lot." That's because she sees Pilates movements as great strength-building exercises for injuries requiring physical therapy.

In fact, most of the patients in her Pilates classes are former patients who saw her for physical therapy and are now doing Pilates to avoid re-injury.

Unfortunately for Nagel, COVID-19 hit right around the first anniversary of her practice. She didn't want to endanger her patients, nor did she want to leave them hanging during the pandemic. So, Nagel decided her best option was to use online video to see patients virtually. Having been involved with telemedicine in the past, she wasn't intimidated to try it. And it turned out, most of her patients were on board

Nagel says the most challenging part of doing virtual PT sessions is that she can't get her hands on her patients. The kind of physical therapy she practices is very hands-on. She mobilizes joints and works soft tissue structures, etc. Getting her hands on her patients gives her a better sense of what is going on with them.

Nagel believes that having to adapt the way she practices PT to do virtual sessions has made her a better physical therapist. She had to get creative and find new ways of assessing what's wrong with her patients. This improved her watching, listening, and interview skills.

With COVID-19 precautions loosened in Cincinnati, Nagel has been able to open the doors at her business once again. However, she still has patients with compromised health who continue with virtual sessions. Nagel sees herself doing virtual sessions beyond the pandemic. It's a way for her to provide better PT access for people who are unable to get to her office.

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