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One Shark's Career Advice on Networking and Mentorship

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 17, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Career AdviceAccording to Shark Tank entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, one of the most important relationships in your professional and personal lives is a mentor-mentee relationship. He talks more about this and other networking advice distilled from an interview between Forbes and Herjavec.


Herjavec says that mentorship should be kept simple. Don't listen to the people who tell you it needs to be a formal process. It's about sitting down to coffee with someone you can learn from. It's "a series of moments with key individuals," and in these moments the mentee asks questions and listens while the mentor imparts valuable knowledge.

Grow Your Network

Having a network is very valuable, of course, but drawing from his own experience building up his cybersecurity business, Herjavec understands that you can begin a business with specialized knowledge. Once the business is up and running, then you start growing a network. People need you to solve their problems, and you need their support.

Say Yes to New Opportunities

How did Herjavec get to be so successful? Part of the reason is that he worked hard. But the other part is his willingness to say yes to new opportunities. He met new people, and he reached out to them. He developed relationships and maintained them, knowing that someday that relationship might become an important connection. Although cybersecurity is Herjavec's main passion, he is also a famous investor. He moves between industries and maintains networks in every area of his life.

Tip for Job Applicants

Herjavec's tip: Make the employer excited. Engage him and tell him something he doesn't know. Make him curious. Curiosity is a great asset to have yourself because it makes you ask questions, pick a person's brain, and create learning opportunities for yourself. Also, be enthusiastic and trainable. If you can follow the guidance of a good mentor, you can be made into something great.

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