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One Key to a Successful Career: Time Management

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 15, 2017 8:00:00 AM

CareerBecause we do not have unlimited time in the day, anyone who hopes to have a successful career needs to learn proper time management skills. While some people are great at time management, most people struggle to properly manage their time.

If you are one of those people struggling with time management, getting rid of distractions is important.

If you have a messy workspace, start by decluttering your desk, table, or other workspace. This will require several minutes (or in some cases, several hours), but it will pay off in the end.
  • If you know that properly decluttering your workspace is going to take more time than you can dedicate to the task right now, decide how much time you can dedicate to the task right now. Work for that long, putting the unsorted items aside, in a box, bag, drawer, or other space where they are out of the way. Then focus on decluttering another day. Dedicate a specific amount of time each day to decluttering until your workspace is organized and clean.

  • Because your workspace is likely to get messy again, it is important to stay on top of things once your workspace has been decluttered. Plan ahead to avoid allowing your workspace to become a big distraction again. Maybe you will dedicate time at the end of the day to making sure everything is properly put away, or you could have a time once a week dedicated to decluttering. Find what works for you.

  • Less important tasks can also become a distraction, preventing you from accomplishing the most important tasks. To avoid this, prioritize. Start with the most important task. Once that is done, move on to the next task. Do not switch between tasks or keep making excuses to procrastinate the task that you know you need to do.

By eliminating or at least reducing distractions, you will likely find that you can manage your time better, accomplishing more in less time. If you would like more tips on this and related topics, visit the Career Advice and Productivity sections of our blog.

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