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Occupational Therapist Sells Toys and Equipment for Special Needs Kids

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 1, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Toys, Occupational Therapist, Behavioral HealthWhen Aviva Weiss bought an ugly weighted vest for her daughter with special needs, the seed of a business began to grow in her mind. Because Weiss was an occupational therapist, she already knew the equipment, clothing, and games available for kids with developmental disabilities were often too high-priced and not very nice.

Weiss and her husband began a long journey that led to the creation of a successful business called Fun and Function.

The products available from Fun and Function help empower kids with developmental disabilities, soothe symptoms, and regulate energy and emotions.

Kids diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, gross motor delay, and more can find products specifically geared toward their needs.

For example, using the Fun and Function Product Finder, a 6-year-old child with autism who needs something to calm herself or provide focus might benefit from Regulation Putty, a soft plush weighted blanket (very cozy and cute!), or a fidget necklace. All the products in Weiss' company are tested extensively in a third-party lab, and they are also approved by her own children.

Parents, teachers, and therapists agree that Fun and Function provides great quality products for reasonable prices. Because therapy can be high-priced in itself, it's very important to find good quality, inexpensive products.

Beyond the business itself, which took off like a rocket and became a "Philadelphia 100" business in 2010, Fun and Function offers a chance for parents to connect via an active online social network. Parents of developmentally disabled children need a place to ask for advice, share stories, and encourage one another. This type of interactive support builds community and draws loyal customers into the company.

Weiss' dedication to her business and her family's needs proved to be stressful, but worth the effort. Because of her attention to detail and her care for special needs kids, Weiss' company has been a blessing to countless other families who want to buy products designed specifically for their children's needs. 

Aviva Weiss is just one example of a great therapist making a difference in our world. Let us show you the Staffing Plus difference by presenting you with staff and great customer service in the area of Behavioral Health and Healthcare.


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