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No Guilt Career by Balancing Work and Personal Life

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM

CareerBalancing your work and your personal life can be a struggle. This can be particularly difficult for people just starting out in their career, especially if they are afraid they will lose their job or miss out on a promotion if they do not seem completely committed to the company. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to be successful in both.

Focus on the Task at Hand

This applies to work as well as your personal life. For example, when you are in a work meeting, participate in the discussion. Do not attempt to answer emails, send a text to check-up on your children, or otherwise put yourself in a position where you physically in the meeting but mentally somewhere else. Other job-related tasks also deserve your full attention. When you go home, and you are with your family or friends, devote that same level of attention to them.

Know Your Limits

To appear like they are a responsible, dependable employee, people sometimes take on more responsibility than they can logically handle. While it is important to be willing to step up and help out where you are needed (even if it is not part of your job description), you also need to understand your limits. Taking on more work than you can handle will result in you not completing tasks or in your work turning out inferior. Understand when you can take on extra work and when you have reached your limit. Know how to turn down an extra responsibility or project without appearing rude or like you are not a team player.

Understand When to Sacrifice

While you should not sacrifice your work life or your social life for the other in the long-term, there may be times when one may need to take a backseat to the other for a while. For example, if you have a large project at work, your social life may need to suffer for a week or two. If you have a new baby in your family, taking on extra work after-hours might be difficult or impossible for a while. When you have to sacrifice one for the other for a time, be sure to reestablish a work-personal life balance as soon as possible.

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