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New Product Helps Patients Feel Secure During Physical Therapy

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Physical Therapy, PT, Harness, Allied Health, Safegait 360, Healthcare StaffingA person who has had a debilitating injury or illness is often in need of physical therapy to regain the full use of their muscles, or to learn how to safely cope with and minimize their limitations. Great strides can be made in PT, but the therapist often has to balance the long-term benefits of therapy that pushes patients to their limits with the short-term concerns for safety and preserving and building patient confidence.

When a patient is nervous or feels unstable, they are unlikely to work as hard as they can at their therapy.

Their own insecurity will interfere with the potential they have to strengthen their abilities and increase their endurance. They can prematurely limit themselves in order to feel safe.

Even when the patient isn't holding back, sometimes a therapist might hold a patient back because they feel unsure that they can safely support the patient if they should lose their balance. Patients that need to be lifted as part of their therapy may not receive therapy that is as long or as intense as it should be, because the therapist can not endure the lifting and carrying throughout the appointment.

A new device is hoping to change all of that. According to the Time Warner Cable news article, "New Device Helps Physical Therapy Patients Walk" by Seth Voorhees, the Safegait 360, a harness and crane system can help support patients, so they can practice walking and other weight-bearing skills, even if they aren't stable enough to practice these things on their own. Veehees said,

"The device is actually the company's first foray into the medical business, and developers see a big market for the product. Next week the developers of Safegait360 will show it off to a much bigger crowd: about 10,000 physical therapists, who will attend a trade show in Indianapolis."

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