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New Managers: Gain Trust & Respect From Staff

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Management, Leadership, Career AdviceIf you've recently been hired, promoted or transferred as a manager you've got a big job in front of you. It might feel like an uphill battle at first. Not only do you have new responsibilities, you need to make the right impression on staff. It can be a delicate balance between competency and an overbearing personality.

Follow these tips:

  • Trust is earned. Know that staff will learn to trust you over a period of time. There is no set period, but it won't happen overnight. Don't get frustrated early in your new position if employees are double checking your work or comparing you to their last manager.

  • Introduce yourself by name. Per Forbes Magazine "Let your people know that you are a person first and a manager second". Greet your new employees with a handshake and your name, not your position. "Hi, I'm Bob Smith" is a better than saying "Hi, I'm your new boss Bob."

  • Delegate thoughtfully. As a new manager you may not have the ability to give raises. But you can dole out new responsibilities if the situation is right. Never overburden a worker who is already past their limit. Burnout and workload overload are too common as it is. Act in moderation until you know what your staff is capable of.

  • Confront the hard issues. Don't beat around the bush. "If an employee is frequently absent or spends work time wandering around, it's important to confront him or her about these issues. Other employees will be watching and learning to trust you more" says Forbes. Be fair and straightforward with employees.

  • Never throw a tantrum. This advice seems like it should be able to go unsaid. However, if you've ever worked for the kind of manager that would come to work hollering and kicking trash cans, you know how much stress this can create for the whole team. Leave your home-life at home and your work-life at work.

  • Talk to your employees. Get to know them. Ask them what changes would help the organization, or what aspects of their day are most important. Value their input.

  • Keep your promises. Tell your staff that you have an open door policy, and keep the promise. When employees come to you with issues sit down and give them your full attention. Don't blow them off unless there is a real emergency to handle first. If there is a GENUINE EMERGENCY, explain this and schedule a specific time to speak with them. Meet them later that day if possible.

Finally, always have your employees back. Take their side in disputes between departments, unless there is blatant evidence that proves your employee is in the wrong. 

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