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More Than "Just a Nurse"

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Nurse, LPN, RNWhen it comes to the medical field, doctors often get the most praise and credit for helping people. While they do have more schooling than others, such as nurses, EMTs, and medical assistants, it is important to realize that others in the medical field also play a valuable role in helping others. Recently, Caitlin Brassington, fought back against the idea that her contribution is less important than that of a doctor

The woman was grocery shopping in her scrubs when she ran into an acquaintance, who said she had not realized Brassington was “just a nurse.”

Brassington had heard similar comments over her 18 years in her profession, but this time it really bothered her. The acquaintance's use of the word “just,” implied that Brassington's contribution, as well as the contributions of her fellow nursing professionals, were insignificant.

Brassington fought back on social media, listing many of the ways she - and others - are an important part of the medical field. Some of the contributions Brassington listed were:

  • Helping babies into the world, some of which need help taking their first breath

  • Holding patients' hands and ensuring their dignity as they take their last breath

  • Being there for grieving parents who have lost a child

  • Bringing patients back to life with CPR

  • Being a patient's advocate in the health system that does not always put the patient first

  • Educate patients and other nurses

  • Treat and manage patients' illnesses

  • Manage cardiac arrest in people of all ages

  • Miss important events in her family's lives to care for others

Of course, we realize that all nursing professionals are an important part of our society. Without them, many patients would not be cared for properly. If you are looking for a job in the healthcare field, please contact us.

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