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More Nurses Results in Fewer Patient Deaths

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Nurse, Nursing, RN, LPN, Healthcare Staffing, Allied HealthThere are some terrible stereotypes that exist around nursing. Ignorance can lead people to believe that nurses are assistants and basic care-takers, but that they have no impact on medical outcomes. We saw this ugly stereotype displayed when the hosts of "The View" maligned a nurse competing for Miss America this past year. One of the hosts asked another, "Why does she (the nurse competing for Miss America) have a doctor's stethoscope?"

The public outrage was loud and persistent because most people know that a nurse is a crucial part of a medical team and performs life-saving tasks including taking and recording vitals.

Nurses are often the first to notice and report medical complications.

A new study confirms the importance of nurses in really straight-forward terms. According to the Modern Healthcare Vital Signs Blog article, "Better Nursing-Staffing equals Lower Mortality"

"There's a 20% lower risk that a patient will die within 30 days of having general surgery at a hospital with above average nurse staffing levels, a study released Tuesday found. Researchers compared facilities that had a mean of about 1.5 nurses per bed to those that had a mean of less than one nurse per bed."

The study, which was published by JAMA Surgery, also noticed that hospitals with a lower ratio of nurses to patients sent more patients to the ICU after surgery.

Results like this not only validate the importance of nurses, they may also lead to patients taking a keen interest in the number and quality of nurses at any surgical facility they plan to visit.

If your hospital or surgical facility needs more nurses on staff, please contact us. We would be honored to help you improve your patient outcomes by making sure that your nurse-staffing needs are taken care of.


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