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Meow Wolf's "Experience Tubes" - A Creative Experiment in Speech Therapy

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 31, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Healthcare, Speech TherapyThere are many creative ways to do speech therapy. Now, Meow Wolf has come up with one more which they call an "experience tube." But what exactly is Meow Wolf? In their own words, they are "an arts and entertainment group" which "creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration. This includes art installations, video and music production, and extended reality content."

What Is an "Experience Tube"?

What exactly is an "experience tube"? If you look at the Meow Wolf website, it's basically like a long cloth tube with rings big enough to fit someone's face at either end. So if two people put their heads in at each end, they can communicate with each other in what seems like a private way. They can only see each other's faces and they can hear what the other person is saying.

How Do Experience Tubes Help in Speech Therapy?

At Chatterbox Speech Therapy in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, speech therapists have been using this experience tube to help kids. They work with kids who have speech delays and they found that experience tubes help to make classes fun while still being educational. In fact, Corey Walkers even says the tubes have helped them to "break barriers." "Having something like that," he says, "is phenomenal for phonemic awareness, which improves their speech. It improves their reading. So it's helpful in a multitude of ways."

Encouraging Interpersonal Interaction

Another benefit of experience tubes is that they encourage more human interaction. We live in an age when people and even kids are stuck on the internet all the time. We don't meet people that much and talk to them face to face. We are just on our phones or computers. Walker says, "There's not as much face to face contact, so having something like that does give us a chance."

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