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Mental Health Awareness Efforts Being Made By Prominent Hockey Goalie

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 7, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Mental Health, Ben Scrivens, Oilers, Behavioral HealthAlmost twenty percent of the population suffers from mental illness of some kind. However, most people don't feel comfortable talking about their own mental health or that of the people they care about. Many people believe that if we were all more comfortable talking about mental illness we could do more to help people who are suffering unnecessarily.

Just having an awareness that mental and emotional health issues are as common as they are and that person is not to blame for their mental illness, but instead can often be helped by medication and therapy, goes a long way toward a healthier society.

One person taking up the challenge to do what he can to promote awareness and help raise funds for mental and emotional health issues is Ben Scrivens, a goalie for the Oilers.

He is taking a year to promote mental health awareness, by displaying art from people who have been diagnosed with a mental health related illness. He hopes that the little steps he is taking will help shine a light on mental illness and get people to talk about and look into it, and hopefully even help fund research

According to the USA Today article, "Oilers Goalie Unveils New Mask Dedicated To Mental Health Awareness" by Hemal Jhaveri,

"Scrivens new mask, which he unveiled Monday, features the words “Empathy” and “Hope” prominently on each side. The mask was designed and painted by artist Richard Boulet, who lives with schizophrenia."

Chances are people you work with and members of your circle of friends and family have been impacted by mental illness concerns. Perhaps you can take Scriven's message to heart and think of ways that you can empathize and share hope with the people in your life who live with mental illness concerns.

If you would like to consider a career where you can help with mental illness or other health issues please contact us.

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