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Management Mistake - Leaders Who Don't Listen Impact Revenue

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Listening, ManagementSure, there are employees that don't listen and they can take away from time that was meant to cover other matters for that day. When leaders don't listen, this could lead to declining revenue and key employees fleeing.

According to sales expert Karen Joy, when growth is higher than leadership skills is when problems start. One of the first things that declines is communication. But, if leaders practice effective communication and leadership skills, they will inspire others to grow revenue. This can be similar to the coach that has the respect of his or her players. That leader can motivate them to achieve better revenue growth. Also, this could help employees to take pride in and appreciate their company.

So, what's an effective leader? Effective leaders excel at:

  • Listening for areas to praise and opportunities for improvement.
  • Asking smart questions to inspire creativity and innovative solutions to problems. This could mean asking a question in a way that sparks the employee to have a sense of ownership in the solution.
  • Engaging in difficult conversations when necessary.
  • Seeing themselves as both leaders and servants.

But, there are leaders that want to stymie their employees. They do that by:

  • Focusing solely on their career interests at the expense of their team. One example of this is a leader that views his position as only a stepping stone and fails to perceive the human element in his or her team.
  • Failing to build any trust with their team and perceiving employees as a means to climb to a higher position.
  • Expecting employees to serve them and make their job easier.
  • They don't keep their word and follow up as they said.

Effective leaders can inspire employees to achieve more than they thought possible. Managers with poor leadership skills can eventually cause increased turnover and a revenue slump.

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