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Making Your Voice Heard on the Job

Posted by Brian Spence on May 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Confidence, VoiceCompetition at work is a fact of life. Keeping pace with your contemporaries is part of the job. Advancing in your career is no guarantee. Management is not monitoring your progress and making note of your merit with an eye to move you up the ladder. Management is concerned with the health and profits of the company, and credit for success is often misplaced. You can't be passive and get the results you want. Speaking up for yourself is imperative if you desire to get promoted.

There are strategies to be certain your voice is considered by decision makers.

  1. Speak up & establish your voice. Take responsibility for letting your employers know you're worthy of moving up. Make them aware of your strengths and ideas for improving outcomes. Be willing to help others accomplish goals that benefit the organization.

  2. Expect respect. Present yourself as the competent and creative person you are. Confidence in yourself inspires others to have confidence in you. Define yourself or your coworkers will do it for you.

  3. Be prepared. Arm yourself with information that adds value to a project. Have accurate details that support your position. Demonstrate what you have to offer.

Writing in Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Knight suggests that managers encourage team members to speak up. Honest communication can reap benefits.

Knight advises, "Create a culture where colleagues feel they have a stake in the future of the company and that speaking up about issues is everyone’s job."

Finding your voice is easier when executives are accessible and willing to listen. Expressing concerns, ideas and suggestions increases the probabilities for success.

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