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Loving Someone Who Struggles With the Mental Health Issue of Anxiety

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 28, 2015 9:26:28 AM

Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health, Behavioral HealthIrrational fear can be crippling. When anxiety fills your mind and sends your heart racing it can become so intense that you feel like you are dying. People who first experience severe anxiety struggle to understand how a mental health issue can create such intense physical symptoms. If you care for someone who experiences anxiety on a regular basis this may confuse you as well.

If you struggle to understand someone you love who deals with anxiety, here are a few things it may help to know.

  • Your compassion is appreciated. It may be impossible for you to really relate to or understand the panic someone with anxiety feels, but they don't expect you to fully understand it and they appreciate that you try.

  • It can't be turned off. Anyone who struggles with anxiety would gladly make it stop if they could. They are not choosing their anxiety. They would like it to end just as much as you would.

  • Anxiety is not the biggest part of any person. Remember that even though someone you care about has overwhelming anxiety at times, they also have times that they feel glad, thankful and optimistic. They want to be reminded that they are more than the fearful feelings they experience sometimes, and you can help them by seeing every part of them and not just the anxious part.

Just having patience and concern for someone you care about who struggles with anxiety will go a long way. If you are interested in more information on this or related topics, visit the Behavioral or Mental Health sections of our blog.  If you are seeking to hire a helathcare professional, please contact us.

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