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Likeability Leads to Success

Posted by Brian Spence on May 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Career Advice, Self-Improvement, LikeabilityDr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of the best-selling book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 says that likeability is a quality that leads to success. You may know someone who just seems to breeze through by being agreeable and good natured. They may not have the highest IQ or the most impressive credentials from a prestigious university, but their accomplishments are undeniable. Bradberry attributes this to Emotional Intelligence.

These people possess certain behavioral assets that enable them to take the lead in business and leverage that into the staggering statistic that Ninety percent of top performers have high EQs (emotional quotients) and make significantly more money than those who score low on the EQ scale. They outperform even those with higher IQs. Interacting with people effectively comes from understanding what other people are feeling, regardless of rationality. It allows them to navigate business relationships by keeping emotions in check when emotions and anxiety are running high.

You Can't Fake It

It may come naturally to them, but the good news is, you can cultivate habits to increase your own EQ. Unlike your genetic template, likeability is something you can control. Bradberry make the point, "Emotions drive behavior". So being able to influence emotions gives the likeable person an advantage in business, social and familial settings. We all know the people who want to command the attention by pretending to be concerned, sympathetic, or sharing the majority's opinions. These guys can suck all the air out of a room.

But You Can Learn It

Everyone has an EQ. Yours just might be lower than you may like. Observing those with stellar EQs, there are certain traits that manifest in the way they conduct their lives. Bradberry states that, "Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence". Consider how these stack up in your EQ inventory as they are some of the hallmarks of high EQ.

  1. Authenticity and consistency are apparent when a person genuinely listens to what you are saying and you know that you can trust them to respond in a reasonable way.
  2. Humility and acceptance make you feel comfortable with someone who doesn't need to impress you and keeps judgment out of the equation.
  3. Smile and posture give signals that they are open and forthcoming, ready to interact as equals.
  4. Enthusiasm is infectious with these folks who know when to work and when to have fun.

There are 66 separate strategies in his book that will help you increase your EQ. It's worth investigating since it can increase your income, improve your business and social life and benefit everyone around you.

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