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Kraftlove: New Charity for Children With Extended Healthcare Needs

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Healthcare, Behavioral Health, Art Therapy, KraftloveThough the current healthcare system and atmosphere of a hospital tries to provide for all our health-related needs, for children, sometimes entering a hospital for a long-term can feel alienating, uncomfortable, and sterile. With the lack of color in a traditional hospital room, a hospital stay can feel lifeless and unfit for the creativity within a child. That's where Kraftlove steps in to bring out that creativity so innately part of children. 

Kraftlove is a new charity that brings art supplies and crafting kits to children in pediatric care.

Creativity and art is a well-known tool for healing, for both adults and children. The act of creating art can help reduce stress, express a wealth of emotions, and reduce depression. When children are stuck in extended stays in hospital rooms, they can begin to feel uncomfortable with the lack of color and identity in their own hospital bed.

Art supplies and the ability to create crafts can help bring something familiar into the room, and create a world that better reflects their interests and ideas. In addition, it gives them an outlet to think about things beyond their illness. It is with that end goal in mind that Kraftlove delivers boxes of supplies to these children to allow and support the healing process. In addition, art is known to help reduce hospital stays for patients, proving that art can even heal patients faster. And, for terminal patients, crafting can give a sense of peace and leave a message behind, as Shelley Shankle shares about a young patient with brain cancer. Overall, the act of creating can be illuminating for patients, caregivers, and families.

To learn more about other charities , foundations, and methodologies that further support healthy healing, visit the Behavioral Health or Healthcare sections of our blog.

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