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"Jump" Occupational Therapy Helps Children with Special Needs

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 24, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Jump, Occupational Therapy, OT, Allied HealthWhat do you get when you combine kids with special needs and an inflatable bounce facility? Jump therapy!

What is Jump Therapy?

One aspect of Jump Therapy is occupational therapy for special needs children. Kids on the Autism spectrum, kids with ADHD, and kids who have difficulties with sensory processing, motor skills, or social skills benefit from this structured therapy program. It is designed to develop skills in a dynamic way using inflatable bounce equipment. Small group classes of 8-10 children meet for an hour on a weekly basis. A speech or occupational therapist runs the group with other adults assisting.

The other aspect of Jump Therapy is natural play. Kids have so much fun doing this!

What is the goal of Jump Therapy?

One goal for Jump Therapy is development in motor skills. For example, children will work on their balance and coordination. They will gain body awareness. Another goal is development of social skills. Kids play in small groups and practice taking turns, working in teams, controlling impulses, and making eye contact. They develop sportsmanship skills and learn to tolerate frustration. All of these skills are essential skills the children need to use in all settings of everyday and academic life.

Where does Jump Therapy take place?

The Fair Lawn Group was started by an occupational therapist named Miriam Skydell. This program in Fair Lawn, New Jersey has expanded to more than 20 locations on the east coast. 

Free Support Group

While Jump Therapy classes are in session, parents have the opportunity to meet in a separate room to discuss related issues. This support group is a great way to gain new ideas for meeting their children's needs and to relieve some of the stress involved in being the parent of a special needs child.

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