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Job Security in Today's Tumultuous Work Environment

Posted by Brian Spence on May 20, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Job Security, Career AdviceNow more than ever, many of us worry about our livelihoods. Many are in jobs that have had to change the way to do their work; others have lost their jobs. There are attributes you can have to improve your chances you'll survive the current climate.


Our ability to cope with and recover from a crisis situation is vital during this time. Being resilient allows you to quickly adapt to the changing environment now and as it continues to change as we move into the next phase of pandemic response. This is an uncertain time, and change feels like the only constant. You must remain flexible and mentally tough, adapting to the changing situation.


Now more than ever, an innovative approach to problem-solving is a crucial attribute. What ideas do you have that can enhance how your company is responding to today's current climate? Consider the realm of the possible and be relentless in pursuing them. It is precisely during these tumultuous times that innovation is needed.


Being a lifelong learner is a critical attribute in your successful future. The world continues to change, and learning in a changing world allows you to be adaptable and hone your critical thinking skills. A lifelong learner craves growth and discovery; find learning opportunities that contribute to your professional and personal growth.


Displaying compassion for others is a key skill any time, and even more in the current climate. Empathy is more than being sympathetic; empathy is feeling the emotions of the other person. Being empathetic contributes to a culture of authenticity in which everyone can be true to themselves.


Strive to accomplish your tasks. Being trusted and dependable are vital traits in any office environment. Be the person that achieves things. That doesn't mean sacrificing everything to get your job done; it does mean to be responsive and dedicated while negotiating task timelines and other responsibilities when necessary.


Keep your professional network alive and thriving during this time of crisis more than ever. Your network can provide needed collaboration on tasks or new opportunities. Everyone is in this together; sometimes, just making connections is essential to remind us that everyone is grappling with similar challenges.

Today's climate will surely change; be ready when it does. Determine your strengths and build upon them. Consider these attributes as you determine where you are today so you can succeed in the future.

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