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It's Not Too Late to Boost Your Productivity in 2017 With These Apps

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 20, 2017 8:00:00 AM

ProductivityThis year marches on and already resolutions for 2017 are falling by the wayside like discarded streamers from a New Year's Eve party. Back to work, back to school and back to the same old same old - habits that hold you back. Your desk is piled with papers you need to sort, your closet is cluttered with clothes you need to donate and all of your email accounts are clogged with adverts, old, irrelevant messages and digital debris that you need to get rid of.

But there are easy and fun ways to change your routine, streamline your day, and up your productivity. You already have the hardware, phones, laptops, tablets and even wearable fitness trackers. Make these things work better and more efficiently to meet your needs and you will be working smarter by the end of the month. You'll take on the rest of 2017 with renewed confidence, energy and optimism.

The Digital Makeover

The digital world is where we gather, connected to each other by every device on the market. We rely on technology for everything, so use it to enhance your life. No self-respecting millenial would be caught without the "crutches" of electronic gadgets. Count the devices you use and you'll be amazed at how many tools you have to make life better.

Start with the apps on your phone. Take advantage of apps that help you get healthy, get organized and be entertained. PC Magazine offers advice on the apps that help with fitness. Whether your already an accomplished athlete or determined to lose your beer belly and get up a flight of stairs without wheezing, there's an application to meet your needs. Get started with The 7 Minute Workout or challenge yourself with My Fitness Pal. Many apps are free or have a nominal monthly fee.

Budget your time; organize your work and finances with programs designed to keep you on task and manage money. Suggestions from Forbes may help you find apps to track your spending and learn to invest such asLevel Money, Penny and Personal Capital. HabitList and Procrasterapp are two excellent ways to improve your efficiency by cultivating good habits and overcoming the "putting it off" impulse that plagues so many. Other apps for organization that may prove useful are reviewed in INC.

Conquer the new year by getting rid of what you don't use, don't need or don't want. Don't set yourself up for failure by burdening yourself with things you hate to do. Getting your act together is fun when you make technology your servant. And there are apps for every personality and goal.

If your goal for 2017 is to improve your career in Behavioral Health, Education, or Healthcare, contact us to find out what is available for you.


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