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Increase Your Emotional Intelligence on the Job

Posted by Brian Spence on Sep 25, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Emotional Intelligence ArtEmotional intelligence is a buzzword in the workplace lately. To be intelligent about emotions means you know your own emotions, you can tell how others around you are feeling, and you allow this intelligence to help you think through problems. The knowledge also gives you power to manage your emotions so you can boost your work output during the day. Amy Morin from Forbes also claims that emotional intelligence can be consciously improved.

Put Down Your Devices (at least for a time)

Smartphones are not good for relationships. In fact, they limit your ability to understand other people's emotions. To improve your relationships, try limiting your screen time, or even taking a few days off from your devices to regain some of that lost intelligence.

Give Your Emotions a Word

Talk about your emotions with labels, like angry, ecstatic, and fearful. You don't have to verbally point out other people's emotions, but do keep labeling them in your own mind.

Make Better Decisions Based on Your Emotions

If you understand that being perky and cheerful makes you take on more projects than you can handle, then you'll be more aware of that at your next department meeting. You'll be able to stop yourself from volunteering for too much just because you feel like you can conquer the world at that moment. Knowing how your emotions affect you helps you make good decisions.

Friend or Foe?

Ask yourself if the emotion you are feeling is going to help you or harm you. For example, when you recognize that you are feeling anxious, that anxiety could be a friend if it's going to stop you from entering into a conversation that could get you in trouble. However, anxiety could be a foe if it keeps you from making an important phone call that you should make. Regulating that anxiety is only possible once you understand what it is doing for you or not doing for you.

Claim Your Own Emotions

Don't let yourself think that other people control your emotions. Instead of blaming your coworker for making you angry, tell yourself that you don't like your coworker's tone of voice, and you are becoming angry.

Want to read more about how to improve your emotional intelligence in the workplace? Check out Amy Morin's article entitled "Seven Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence So You Can Develop Deeper Relationships."

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