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Inability to Differentiate Pressure From Stress Can Harm Your Career

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 12, 2017 8:00:00 AM

CareerWhen you think about your career it is easy to get stressed by it. However, there are ways to keep the pressure from turning into stress. Follow some strategies while in the workplace and you may be able to avoid the complications which come with stress such as stomach ulcers and even cancer.

According to Doctor Derek Roger some of the best practices for staying healthy even while pursuing a big profession include: paying attention to everyday details, controlling ruminations and letting go.

By this he means that you should try not to let yourself fall into a slump by going on autopilot to work and zoning out through your meetings and buying the same groceries every day. He says to wake up to the world and pay attention to everything even if the details of the meeting you attend are already obvious before you arrive.

Control your ruminations by noticing that you are doing it, coming up with a way to stop doing it and practicing that strategy. Do not let yourself think about all the problems in your life and how much you dislike them instead of coming up with a way to put them aside or turn them into productive thoughts. This is where the acceptance part comes in to play; accept the things you have no control over. It is alright to worry a little but do not let yourself dwell on the worry for too long.

Lack of control is in fact one of the leading causes of stress.Those who have job insecurity or feel uncomfortable around coworkers have more illnesses and lower happiness levels. So in order to reduce stress while working on your job try to develop good relations with coworkers and keep a good balance of work hours to leisure hours.

Ultimately, if a work environment is causing a lot of stress, find a way to change it or come to terms with the reality of the situation. If none of these strategies work, seek a new job or start your own company to further pursue your career goal. If you decided to focus on changing the way you cope with pressure or stress, there is always someone to talk to about that.

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