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Improving Eye Contact For Kids With Autism - There's An App For That!

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 11, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Eye Contact, Autism, Behavioral Health, Mental HealthTechnology has made all of our lives a little simpler and more convenient. We often wonder what we would do without our smartphones, laptops and online streaming. However, nothing quite compares to when people use technology to help solve big problems.

That's exactly what happened when Cheill Worldwide partnered with Samsung to create an app that aims to help autistic children, the "Look At Me" app. This app was created in partnership with a hospital and a university that put it through its paces in clinical trials. The app performed well, helping 60% of the children that used it to improve their eye contact during conversations.

Eye contact is a simple action that most of us take for granted, but for autistic children it is a skill that takes a great deal of effort to master, because it doesn't come naturally.  This app aims to make learning this skill more fun.  

According to the Fast Company article, "A New Samsung App Helps Kids With Autism Make Eye Contact" by Jeff Beer,

"Through the smart device’s camera function, the app aims to teach children to better read a person’s mood, remember faces and take photos of themselves exhibiting a range of emotions and different poses. It includes seven interactive missions featuring a point system and various rewards, sound and visual effects to keep players motivated."

This app, available now on Google Play, is a promising tool for parents as well as therapists and, perhaps most importantly it is an affordable resource that you can recommend to friends, family and patients.  

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