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Improving Behavioral Health At Work Improves Your Business

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Behavioral Health, Mental HealthEveryone knows, work can be stressful. However, when people are happy and healthy at work, the entire office is more productive and runs more smoothly. This is why major companies spend time and money every year trying to improve company morale and engaging in team-building exercises. They know that if people can work well together, their business will be better off in almost every way.

Behavioral health is a large factor in employee productivity, so it just makes sense to invest some time and energy into promoting the physical, mental and emotional wellness of all your employees. You can talk to your insurance company to see what benefits you can offer your employees for treating mental health issues. A lot of insurance companies will partner with you to offer incentives to employees for improving employee physical health as well. You can also ask your HR team to think outside the box and creatively pursue some fun ideas to improve behavioral health around the office.

On average 25% of people struggle with mental health or addiction issues, so chances are there are people employed by your company who could use some extra help in these areas. Pro-active resources help prevent problems that could interfere with the harmony of the workplace.

Rutgers Today recently published an interview with Andy Germak, a professor who focuses on behavioral health in the workplace in an article titled, "Promoting Behavioral Health In The Workplace Makes Good Business Sense." In the article Germak said,

"Human resource professionals and clinicians often have a common objective – to promote employee well-being. From a business perspective, when employees are healthy, productivity in the workplace is enhanced. From a social standpoint, employee wellness can improve co-worker, family, and other relationships in the lives of employees."

Managing the workload of your current employees can also do a lot to reduce stress. If you have openings that need filled, please contact us, we will work hard to find you the right employees for your health care company.

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