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Improve Your Productivity by Taking Care of Yourself

Posted by Brian Spence on Aug 16, 2017 8:00:00 AM

ProductivityWhether you're job-seeking or settled in your position, it's easy to get stressed out. Long hours at work coupled with the rigors of life all too often lead to a decrease in self-care. And neglecting to take care of yourself can take a toll on your health and your overall productivity.

If you're feeling stressed out, bogged down or just plain tired all the time, try these ideas to weave self-care into your day:

  1. Take time to do something you like. It's easy to be busy all day long without doing something fun. Start small, if you have to, but take time out every single day to do something you like. Read for 15 minutes of your lunch break, call a friend in the evening, or get up a few minutes early to go on a sunrise walk. Do something every day that you actually enjoy to ease your stress levels.

  2. Get more sleep. If you're getting less than 7 hours of sleep every night, you're risking your health and your overall happiness. Working long hours often gets in the way of a good night of sleep and can actually have the opposite effect you're going for. That is, rather than getting more work done by working late into the night, you actually end up being less productive by making more mistakes or taking longer to do tasks. Do yourself a favor by giving yourself a more strict bedtime. Aim for 7-8 hours a night.

  3. Exercise. If you haven't worked out in awhile, don't worry. Even moderate exercise, like walking or doing easy yoga, can have a major impact on your overall well-being. Moving regularly is linked to better mental and physical health. If you can't find time during your day (and you're already getting enough sleep), try waking up a few minutes early to walk around the block or to do some stretches in your living room. Start small by waking up just 20 minutes earlier. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference a few extra minutes of activity can make in how you feel.

Taking care of yourself isn't always easy, but it's necessary for you to perform at work and in other aspects of your life. If your job is just too much for you and you're ready to try something new, contact us to learn about new opportunities.

If interested in learning about this and related topics, visit the Productivity and Self-Improvement sections of our blog.

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