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How to Show Up and Really Produce at Work

Posted by Brian Spence on Jul 4, 2018 8:00:00 AM

ProductivityEvery organization wants their employees to come to work, excel and be highly productive. A major factor in productivity is employee wellness and employers have a responsibility to address employee wellness issues such as workload concerns, stress, and professional advancement. Conversely, employees have the responsibility of tending to their own personal and professional wellness needs so that they can bring their whole selves to work. Bringing your whole self to work is about taking an active leadership based approach to your job rather than a passive going-through-the-motions one. This is the key to really showing up at work and increasing productivity. Below are 3 strategies for bringing your whole self to work and producing like never before.

Have A Productivity Mindset

When you go to work you should already have your mind tuned into wanting to be the best at what you do. Listen to a recording of positive affirmations before you arrive or music that gets you pumped up and feeling energized. Once you start working you'll begin with momentum instead of having to build it up after arriving. This will help you to get a lot accomplished early and set the tone for the rest of your day.

Think Like A Leader

Leaders initiate. They keep the ball rolling and don't let hurdles stop them. This takes creativity and problem-solving ability. Think of leadership traits like secret superhero powers. When you experience conflict, obstacles, or hurdles think to yourself, what would a leader do? Does this situation call for flexibility? Confidence? Motivation? Then approach the obstacle utilizing that trait to the best of your ability.

Be Mindful of Your Physical Health

Make sure you're taking care of the basics like getting enough sleep and eating a meal before you begin work. In order for your brain to be alert and sharp, you'll need fuel. In order to keep your energy levels high, have some healthy snacks on hand during the day, and try to do some stretches or take a walk during a break. This will help your body to maintain it's momentum during the day.

For more ideas on this and related topics visit the Productivity and Self-Improvement section of our blog. 


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