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How to Celebrate Accomplishments in Your Occupational Therapy Resume

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 29, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Resume, OT, Occupational Therapy, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingSince April is Occupational Therapy Month, now is a great time to reflect and celebrate your achievements and successes in the OT field. But don't just reflect on them: you should highlight your successes with an updated and improved OT resume. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways you can make your Occupational Therapy resume stand out, thanks to some advice from the OT Potential Blog.

  1. Start with your achievements. To stand out in a resume, begin by asking yourself this question: What are you most proud of? Think about new things you've learned, projects you've led, and some valuable skills you've incorporated in your work, such as management or organization skills. By focusing on your proudest moments, you'll create a compelling narrative on your resume.

  2. Make leadership and teamwork roles shine. Did you supervise a group of students or lead an important workshop on your OT specialty? Highlighting your leadership abilities can help you stand out as someone with great management skills. To prompt leadership ideas to put on your resume, think of how you would incorporate keywords like supervised, managed, influenced, or led.

    However, you will want to also provide examples of working with a team. Employers might see that you successfully connect with patients, but how well do you work with other therapists or in an office? Think about examples that involve you working on a team or participating in a group effort. Providing these examples will let employers know that you are not just a leader but a supportive listener.

  3. Add specialty or technical keywords. A key to standing out is to get specific. Your OT work most likely involved some sort of specialty method, technique, diagnosis, or equipment. For example, you might have served individuals with autism (making you a specialist with caring for this demographic), and have a background in musculoskeletal disorders (another specialty). Listing certifications (CPR training for example) will also add technical keywords. Don't shy away from using these keywords in fear that it would limit your opportunities. Instead, showcasing your abilities in various fields will demonstrate your wide breadth of knowledge and capabilities.

By rewriting your OT resume with your OT accomplishments, you can celebrate your work and abilities during this special time of the year. For more occupational therapy job advice, contact us.


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