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How to Boost Productivity by Tackling Your To-Do List Right

Posted by Brian Spence on Nov 18, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Productivity, Career Advice, Job, Staffing, Self-ImprovementMany of us make to-do lists in order to stay on track with our tasks and boost our productivity. But how many of us actually get through our to-do list? Some of us think about our lists without actually finishing half of the tasks, or we end of doing the components that are easiest, letting some tasks remain on the list until the very last minute. It's not very effective, and we find ourselves wondering what exactly we are doing with our time.

Here's our tips for really finishing your to-do list completely.

  1. Get plenty of sleep first. Sleep is your most important tool to getting all your jobs done. Without the right amount of sleep, you'll find yourself too exhausted to work on your daily tasks, which leaves you with less energy to finish everything. Instead, turn that TV or computer off earlier, and get into bed.

  2. Get up early. Again, make time work for you and not against you. By waking up earlier than normal, you'll find that you'll have a bit more time to get your work done. Even if it's 15 or 30 minutes earlier than your regular alarm, getting that head start in the shower or starting the coffee maker can make you feel like you have more time. This can give you that positive boost you need.

  3. Write your list by priority, then focus. A lot of our work stress comes from leaving things last minute. No matter how many important tasks you complete before that big one, you might still feel let down by not finishing the most necessary one. That's why making a list by priority, and being stern with yourself on finishing high-priority tasks, is key. After writing your list, start focusing by working on one task at a time. If it helps to keep you on a timer, go for it! But by working on one job and giving it all your concentration, you'll finish the task faster.

  4. Clean as you work. Many of us feel less productive if our homes or work spaces are messy. But to save time, it's best to tidy and clean as you go, rather than spending a large chunk of time cleaning. This is where you can manage two things as once: as you walk over to talk to a co-worker, throw out your trash and recycling. If you're running tasks around the house, put one thing in the right place every time you leave and enter a room. Those tiny tasks add up.

Overall, having the energy and prioritizing your time will allow you to conquer your to-do list with more ease. For more tips on this and related topics, view the Productivity or Self-Improvement sections of our blog.

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