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How Speech Therapy Works

Posted by Brian Spence on Mar 31, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Gears.jpgSpeech Therapy is a confusing concept to people. How does it work? What causes problems in speech and how in the world would it be treated? The truth is, there are many, many causes of speech impediments and different treatments depending on the specific person.

Anyone can struggle with speech, whether you are a toddler or a senior.

There are many reasons for speech impediments. Sometimes learning differences such as autism can contribute to slurred or mumbled speech. Other times, physical birth differences such as a cleft lip can contribute. Difficulty speaking can be from a stroke or brain injury or due to hearing loss.

If someone struggles with speech from a physical obstacle then sometimes surgery can help, but other times training particular muscles can help more; this is called Oral Motor Therapy. For those suffering injuries or a stroke, retraining habits which were forgotten can cure the speech problems. For developmental disorders and hearing difficulty, sometimes therapy can focus on articulation and emphasis, practicing certain sounds until the speech is clear. Other times, Language Intervention Therapy is appropriate as it helps to bring attention to certain words and accents which the client mispronounces.

Now that you know a few of the reasons you may need speech therapy and a few of the ways that it may work, do you or anyone you know need this help? Speech therapy works for many people and improves quality of life. Particularly people who struggle with a stutter will be taken more seriously if they work with a therapist to kick the habit. Sometimes people need a little extra help to become great orators. 

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