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How Physical Therapy Helps Cancer Patients

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Cancer, Physical Therapy, PT, PTA, Healthcare StaffingUndergoing cancer is not only emotionally and psychologically draining, but it can also translate into difficult physical stress and pain. But as the folks at Cancer Care Northwest in Spokane, Washington understand, physical therapy can make all the difference in helping cancer patients bounce back from their treatments.

With surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy causing a lot of stress and destruction to the body, a cancer patient might not have the energy or resources to start physical rehabilitation after undergoing treatment for their cancer.

But physical therapy can help build up strength, return energy, and soothe aching parts of the body.

For example, those with breast cancer can feel a tightness in their chest, and a soreness and pressure from scar tissue. There's also the threat of losing range of motion or feeling in one's arm or shoulder due to post-cancer conditions like lymphedema. Physical therapy can help reduce side effects like swelling and tightness with regular exercise, therapeutic massages, and compression practices. It can also help slow-to-heal surgical wounds by reducing tension and increasing blood flow to affected areas. These techniques from regular therapy sessions can reduce the poor health conditions that occur after cancer, and help these patients better monitor their bodies.

By paying more attention to therapy post-cancer treatment, more cancer survivors can get back on track with their lives, and feel healthier after treatment. With more advocacy and more bridges or opportunities to proper therapy, many cancer patients can see a difference in their quality of life.

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