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How Adequate Sleep Boosts Job Performance

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 28, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Sheep Sleep.jpgMany people have suffered sleep deprivation from staying up all night to complete that project or from battling insomnia. One benefit of getting adequate sleep is less emotionally volatile reactions and remaining calm in stressful situations. This can certainly be beneficial at work.

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, getting less sleep slows your ability to process information, stymies your thinking and can make one more emotionally reactive.

Bradberry stated that one reason a sleep-deprived person could be stressed out is that the body over produces the hormone cortisol which can hurt the immune system. So, that would make conditions ideal for sleep-deprived personnel to become sick. This can impact anyone from those living paycheck-to-paycheck to those that are more affluent.

One example details a Charlotte Hornets coach Steve Clifford that had to take time off because of suffering from headaches, which happened because of sleep deprivation. The USA Today article said that 18 years of working as a professional basketball coach that included 82 games with 41 on the road. Clifford would regularly sleep four to five hours a night before starting work again. Bradberry offers the following tips:

  1. Stay away from sleeping pills. This means anything that causes sedation whether it's alcohol or a natural product.

  2. Stop drinking caffeine in the afternoon. Caffeine has a six-hour half life. This means that 25 percent of that 6 a.m. cup of coffee will be in your system at 6 p.m. for the drive home.

  3. Avoid blue light at night. This includes smartphones and tablets which can easily be used in bed. One option is to use a filter application or adjusting the settings of the device.

  4. No weekend binge-sleeping. If sleeping past one's normal wake-up time during the work week, you're likely to feel groggy or tired since the brain you to be awake. This could make Monday morning's first hours more difficult when getting readjusted to a regular schedule.

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