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Hospital Nurses Step Up to Help Man and Dog in Need

Posted by Brian Spence on Jun 23, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Nurse, RN, LPNAnyone who is a pet owner knows just how important their pets are to them. That is definitely the case for Jose Carbajal, a truck driver who travels the country with his dog, Mr. Midnight. One day, Carbajal started to feel intense pain as he was traveling with Mr. Midnight. Even as the pain got worse, Carbajal was reluctant to seek medical attention because he was concerned for the safety of Mr. Midnight.

Mr. Midnight sensed his friend's pain and refused to eat or drink during the fifteen hours that Carbajal was in pain. Eventually, Carbajal went to the hospital, leaving Mr. Midnight in his truck.

Even as Carbajal found out that he needed emergency surgery to remove his appendix, he was more concerned for Mr. Midnight than his own safety.

When some of the nurses heard about Carbajal's dilemma, they quickly stepped up to help. Deanna Mahaley, a certified surgical tech at the hospital, already had three rescue dogs and three rescue cats at home, but she volunteered to let Mr. Midnight stay at her home while Carbajal recovered.

When she got off work, Mahaley introduced herself to Carbajal, letting him know that her family would be caring for his dog while he recovered. Mahaley said Mr. Midnight got along great with her other dogs during his week-long stay. Carbajal and Mr. Midnight have since been reunited. Carbajal has stayed in touch with Mahaley and the other staff members who stepped up to help him and Mr. Midnight during their time of need.

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