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Homecoming Heroes - Celebrating Down Syndrome Royalty

Posted by Brian Spence on May 29, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Down Syndrome, Behavioral HealthHomecoming is a tradition as American, basketball, pep rallies and school dances. The Homecoming Court, ruled over by the elected King and Queen, is a platform for popularity. Ideally, the "royal couple" are the embodiment of what is best and most noble about your school and its culture. The king and queen are examples of how to conduct oneself with good humor, good will and good manners.

Kids choose the Homecoming King and Queen because others look up to them. Their behavior is an example to follow, fostering school spirit and support for the team, loyalty to one another and the pride of achievement.

In a time when many schools are eliminating homecoming courts altogether, Cedarburg High School in Cedarburg, Wisconsin is embracing the concept with more enthusiasm than ever. This year the Cedarburg Bulldogs will celebrate Homecoming with a couple everyone in the school admires and yes, loves - Chad VanderHouten and Angela Rehfeldt.

Lizzie Balsger, their biggest fan, close friend, and fellow junior at Cedarburg High, led the campaign to see them become King and Queen of Homecoming. "They're kind of the light and spirit of Cedarburg High School," she said. Lizzie couldn't be more happy for Chad and Angela, both of whom have Down Syndrome. The whole school cheered for their King and Queen. They couldn't have been more excited if the Bulldogs won the Superbowl.

Special needs teacher, Joy Conway, was not surprised by their victory, “Chad and Angela won by a landslide; it wasn’t even close.”

Chad and Angela have been best buddies since they were in elementary school. He told an interviewer that,"She's my sweet cucumber and queen."

The royal couple reigned over the homecoming parade in a convertible on the way to the game.

"We're all the same," concluded Mrs. Conway, "and we all have great traits and great gifts that we can give to the world,". Chad and Angela are a shining example of that.

Working with special needs students is rewarding and uplifting. Contact us to find what positions are available where you can make a difference.


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