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Healthy Ways to Self-Improvement

Posted by Brian Spence on Feb 20, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Self-ImprovementAre you motivated to be a better you? Are you willing to commit to a plan for self-improvement? If the answer is yes, then verywellmind has some tips on how to make a healthy and effective self-improvement plan that will really work.

Break It Into Smaller Steps

Changing your life is going to take time, so don't rush ahead and make a bunch of major changes all at once. Make change gradual. Think of easy steps you can take in the right direction. Joining a book club that meets twice a month will easily put you into a more social situation. Select a specific time to take a walk around the block instead of telling yourself you're going to get outside and exercise this year.

Make Yourself Commit to Something

When you commit to doing something, like reading a new book every month, then make yourself accountable to your commitment. Tell someone what you are promising to do. Or write your commitment down, like a contract to yourself.

Obstacles and Rewards

You will meet up with obstacles, so make a contingency plan. For example, if drinking 8 glasses of water every day is your commitment, and you come down with the stomach flu, then you plan to get back up to your 8 glasses when your stomach is back to normal. When you do reach a certain goal, don't forget to reward yourself! Make your reward appropriate. (It is not appropriate to reward a weight-loss goal with a big milkshake!)

Research Your Goals, and then Make Them Personal

You don't want to follow all the trends that are on the internet. Carefully research your goal and consider techniques that are based on evidence. However, once you have done the research, make sure your plan fits your personality. If you are uncomfortable counting calories, then don't use that sort of approach for weight loss. Use an approach that is both evidence-based and enjoyable for you.

Look for Optimism in Yourself

Be more mindful of yourself. If you see that your self-improvement plan makes you optimistic about yourself and your future, then you are probably on the right path! Stay positive, and be willing to adjust your plan when it's not working out right.

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