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Growing Need for Occupational Therapy in Classrooms

Posted by Brian Spence on May 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

OT, COTA, Allied Health, Healthcare StaffingEvery fall, parents take their kids back-to-school shopping. They purchase backpacks and lunch boxes. Parents work hard to make sure their children have all the supplies they need for the school year. However, parents may not be spending as much time making sure their students have all the skills they need for the school year.

Teachers are finding that a lot of students entering kindergarten are struggling with fine motor skills.

Kindergarten teachers are spending much more time than they used to spend working on basic skills like learning to cut with scissors. Even simple tips like holding your paper still with one hand while you write or color with the other hand seem to be completely new to some students.

According to the Lancaster Online article, "Losing Our Grip: More Students Entering Kindergarten Without Fine Motor Skills" by Kimberly Marselas,

"Just two of 20 students arrive with enough hand strength and coordination to use scissors. Only about half can hold a pencil correctly, versus the fisted approach they should have grown out of by age 3. Near-constant corrections take valuable time from quick-paced academic programs, while individual sessions to build or strengthen skills require students to miss class and cost districts big money."

Teachers are referring more students to occupational therapists in an attempt to build these skills that used to be considered common. The teachers interviewed in the article think that declining fine motor skills are a result of busier parent and child schedules.

If you would like to take the time to help children learn valuable fine motor skills as an occupational therapist, please contact us. We would be glad to tell you about the latest healthcare positions that are open in your area.

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