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GPS-Embedded Clothing Helping Children With Autism

Posted by Brian Spence on Dec 7, 2015 8:00:00 AM

GPS, Independence Day Clothing, Autism, Behavioral HealthKeeping children with autism safe can be difficult for families, especially if the children have a tendency to wander or get lost. Even for the most vigilant of families, it can be a challenge to keep tabs on children, especially when they are given some form of independence at school or around the home or neighborhood.

That's why Lauren Thierry (former CNN correspondent) and her new line of GPS-enabled clothing can be a great lifesaver for autistic children and their families.

While GPS monitoring is not a new idea for children with autism, Thierry's clothing can be the most accessible way to get families a handy GPS tool.

Her line, Independence Day Clothing, makes the small GPS device easy to conceal in a padded and lined compartment, where it won't bother the wearer and will not be removed purposefully in case the child gets lost. All shirts and pants are made to look the same inside and out as well, which allows for the children to dress themselves and give them more independence. For families and guardians, they can worry less when they're not around, and have a way to track their children in the event that they get lost. Currently, clothing items range from $37 to almost $60 dollars, and the GPS can be activated through subscription-based payments. Hopefully, the company will move towards a one-time payment for the GPS device.

GPS enabled clothing can be a great tool, especially when it works hand-in-hand with public understanding of autism. The advocacy group Autism Speaks supports Project Lifesaver, which not only gives families ankle and bracelet trackers, but trains first-responders to better understand autistic individuals. Overall, improved awareness and understanding can help save more lives of those with autism.

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