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Give Positive Career Direction to Others

Posted by Brian Spence on Apr 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Mentor, Career AdviceMaking a positive difference in someone else's career might be easier than you think. Author, Stav Ziv, shares a story about a professor who listened to her career ambitions (deep dive reporting) and kindly pushed her in a different direction (leadership roles). Her professor believed in her abilities to be a good leader, and he foresaw this field being more successful for her than her own chosen path. Because he respected her enough to give her good advice, and she respected him enough to listen to his good advice, his wisdom positively affected her career.

What can you do?

Look for critical moments where your opinion can make a difference. Often, these critical moments occur in young people just choosing their career path. If you see potential that the other person does not see, let her know about it! Be tactful, but also be brave and deliberate. This is not a time to draw into yourself and mind your own business. The other person may never hear a positive word about her negotiating skills, public speaking abilities, or knack for scientific figuring. Over the years, their skills may come to the forefront and be realized, but if you can help them along early in the game, you're sure to give their career a boost that will make a big difference.

What is the result of making a difference in someone else's career?

Your words can give a less confident person some faith in himself. The other person is not likely to forget your opinions, so you will be a voice they can remember in times of doubt years down the road. You really never know how far-reaching and effective your words can be. Beyond the direct benefit to the person you advise, you indirectly benefit yourself. Lifting someone else's spirits has a way of lifting your own spirits. Furthermore, the difference you make in one person's career can multiply when others join in on the confidence-speaking. Set a good example and stand back to let your kind and deliberate words work their magic.

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