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Girl With Down Syndrome Shows Off Her Big Smile

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 6, 2020 1:42:03 PM

Behavioral Health, Down SyndromeA lovely 8-month-old girl with Down syndrome went viral on the internet, showing off her "new smile." As of now, the clip of the girl has gotten more than 17 million views. It was shared on the Facebook page of the Down Syndrome Adoption Network. The girl is only referred to as Baby H because of the confidentiality needed in the adoption process. However, this did not stop her from becoming something of a celebrity!

Baby H "Cheesing" for her Parents

In the video, she is lying on her tummy on a mat while her adoptive mother asks her to smile. Baby H's mother says that this was the first time Baby H smiled so much and that she only did it for a couple of weeks. But her parents absolutely loved it when she smiled and it made them laugh a lot, and this made Baby H smile even more. Her mother says, "She got to where she could do it on cue and I just happened to be talking to her, in our home, one morning, and she started cheesing for me."

Beauty in Kids with Down Syndrome

Although Down syndrome can cause several developmental delays for children who are born with it, it is possible for them to lead a happy and fulfilling life, as this lovely video of Baby H shows. Baby H's mother says, "We hope that all the viewers will see the beauty that lies in people with Down syndrome."

Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network helps people to adopt children with Down syndrome and also educates them about Down syndrome and taking care of children who have it. The Director of the network, Stephanie Thompson says, "I walk the journey with the expected parent and the child, so when I have a chance to meet them, it brings it full circle. I can't explain the joy that it brings me."

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