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Ghosting in the Hiring Process - Not Cool!

Posted by Brian Spence on Oct 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Ghosting, Career AdviceJob seekers are ghosting employers. This refers to a sudden and unexplained disappearance from the hiring process. In times past, employers had a reputation for this behavior to job applicants. Although job seekers have turned the tables on ghosting due to today's tight labor market, it is still unprofessional conduct for both employers and job seekers.

How Employers Ghost Job Candidates

When jobs were harder to come by, employers held the most power in the hiring process. Some recruiters and hiring managers abused that power by engaging in ghosting. They didn't show respect for the time job seekers had invested in the application process. These employers simply stopped communicating during the hiring process. They didn't tell job applicants another candidate had been chosen or the reason why they weren't selected.

The Rise of Ghosting by Job Applicants

According to a recent Indeed survey, 69 percent of surveyed employers said this unprofessional job seeker behavior started in the last two years. The increase is connected to a strong job market featuring a low unemployment rate and fierce competition for talent. In the same Indeed survey, a surprising 18 percent of workers admitted to ghosting at some point during the hiring process.

For job applicants, this takes the form of not showing up for an interview, not returning phone calls, or not reporting for the first day of work. Employment candidates also impact employers by accepting a verbal job offer without completing the onboarding paperwork. These applicants didn't have the courtesy to inform the employer that they were no longer interested in the job.

Consequences of Ghosting

Employers that act in this manner can experience damage to their reputation. Through social media, a job applicant can easily tell the story of how Company XYZ ghosted him or her. Amazingly, 94 percent of Indeed worker respondents said ghosting would have little to no consequences. Maybe they just haven't experienced the consequences to their career yet. The majority of employers in the Indeed survey noted that they keep a record of applicants who have done this to them.

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