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Get Proactive About Your Career, Even if You Don't Get That Promotion

Posted by Brian Spence on Jan 8, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Promotion, Career AdviceAsking for a promotion is tough to do. Most people wait until they're offered the chance to apply for one. Or they just wait until their supervisor decides that they're ready for more responsibility. But you might get tired of waiting for a promotion that never comes. And you might feel like everyone else is getting promotions while you're being left behind. So if you truly feel that you are ready for a promotion, it's fine to go ahead and ask for one. Just remember that you are taking a risk; there's no guarantee that you're going to get a promotion just because you asked.

And if this does end up happening to you, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Take a Moment. You just did something that requires quite a bit of bravery and you were turned down, either politely or in a brusque manner. It doesn't matter how it happened; it's going to sting no matter what. So why not take a moment and just let yourself feel? There will be time to move on to the next thing once you've dealt with your emotions.

  2. Think About Why You Didn't Get the Promotion. Once you've acknowledged your feelings, it's time to get proactive. Think about where exactly you went wrong. Did you ask for too much more money? Do you have the expertise necessary for the position you were asking for? Have you been at the company for a while and proven yourself? Or did you come across as someone inexperienced and entitled?

  3. Be Polite and Professional at Work. Ok so you didn't get a promotion which you think you deserved. Does this mean that you should go around badmouthing your supervisor, your colleagues or the company in general? People who do this often find themselves stuck in the same position forever. So no matter how tempting it might be, refrain from doing it.

  4. Ask Your Manager Why You Didn't Get the Promotion. You might not have received any feedback when you were refused the promotion. It's a good idea to ask your manager, as objectively and politely as possible, why you didn't get the promotion so that you can figure out what steps to take to advance your career in the future.

  5. Comparisons Only Lead into Envy. There's no point in looking on enviously at others who are getting promotions and raises or badmouthing them when they're not around. Instead, compare yourself to who you used to be six months, a year or even five years ago. And be grateful for the things which you already have in your life.

  6. Come Up with a Five-Year Plan. Or if that's too specific for you, at least think about where your career is going and where you want it to go. A little bit of introspection never hurt anybody. And the better you understand yourself and what you want to do in your life, the more you'll be able to work towards your aims.

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